Foot pain and exercise: why do feet hurt in sports


It is possible that one day after playing sports you begin to realize that your feet hurt… or maybe they hurt while you are doing sports. When you practice exercise, no part of the body has to hurt, you can feel that it pulls you or tension but from that to hurting there is a lot of difference. It is very important that you also take good care of your feet when you play sports.

Foot pain in sport

  • The most common thing when your feet hurt while you are doing sports is because you have injured some area of ​​your foot in some way or another. The most common reasons that a foot hurts while you exercise can also be because you have swollen feet, because you feel cramps from making a bad move or even because you have blisters on your feet.
  • If you don’t play sports regularly and suddenly start with a strong routine, then it is likely that you feel some pain in your feet, since they are getting used to your new routines. When you finish exercising you can put your feet in warm water or get some massages to relax them after so much tension.
  • To avoid foot pain when you are exercising, the best thing you can do is drink enough water to avoid cramps and dehydration, wear comfortable shoes that help you have a good foot impact against the ground and that are also comfortable and comfortable for your feet, since it is worth investing in quality.
  • In addition, to avoid injuries while you are doing sports, it is also very important that you do the relevant stretches. In this way you will avoid injuring any part of the body – and neither will your feet. But if you notice a pain that persists for a long time in your foot and that when you do sports it intensifies, then the best thing you can do is see your doctor so that he can evaluate what is happening to your feet.


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