Foot insoles: types and use to walk safely


If you go to the supermarket or a shoe store, you will see that there are many types of insoles for your shoes and that depending on what you want to achieve, you should use one type of insole or another. But of course, you must know what they are for so that in this way you can choose the one that best suits you without having to pay more for some or pay less but that they do not work for you and it has been a waste of money. The insoles help you take care of your feet.

Foot insoles for safe walking

  • The insoles for the feet have different functions and can help you improve your quality of life, since the feet are a fundamental part of your body and it helps you walk and keep your body in balance. Below you can see some of the most demanded:
  • Pain insole. The insoles to prevent feet from hurting when walking -regardless of the type of shoe you use- are usually made of gel and will help your foot feel less pressure when you walk and also not suffer as much impact against the ground.
  • Insole to cushion the foot. The insoles to cushion the foot are also usually made of gel and in this case they serve to prevent the foot from hurting. As the foot is more padded inside the shoe, it can be prevented from having too much impact against the ground and, in this way, walking is more pleasant.
  • Foot odor insole. There are insoles for the feet that are created and designed specifically to combat foot odor. If you suffer from bad odors, you can choose to use this type of insoles, which are usually accompanied by powders.
  • Insole to mold the shoe. If you have shoes that the insole of the same shoe has been wearing out but you like them and you don’t want to throw them away even though the shoe rack is not an option, then buy some insoles to adjust them to the insole so that you can continue using the shoe for longer.
  • Insole for the foot to breathe better. There are breathable insoles that are ideal for the feet to breathe better and thus avoid foot infections such as athlete’s foot.
  • Insoles for foot problems. Of course, there are also insoles that are specific for foot problems, such as orthopedic insoles.
  • Insoles can also have metatarsal pads to help support the metatarsal heads and offload painful areas in the forefoot.


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