What to do with wide feet: how to create the effect of thinner feet


Foot problems are not only reduced to a lack of care. Genetics sometimes prevent us from showing off beautiful feet because they are too wide or too big. Without going into the problem of how to solve physical complexes, we have some tricks to make your feet appear thinner. We already know what to do with wide feet.

How to hide wide feet

  • If you have some kind of complex with your feet because they seem too wide, you can start by hiding them with a good pedicure, trying not to leave your nails too short. You should also take care of your feet, keeping them hydrated and with soft skin, without hardness or calluses.
  • Clothes are going to be another of your allies when it comes to hiding wide feet. You can rely on leggings, a type of pants that have become fashionable to stay and that create the optical effect of thinner and more stylized feet, especially if you combine them with the most appropriate footwear.
  • Boots and ankle boots are the footwear that will best hide your wide feet, but you must ensure that they do not have any decorations in the ankle area. As for shoes, those with a fine tip are the ideal ones to refine the foot, but they may end up causing a lot of pain in your feet.
  • Contrary to what it may seem, the thin heel is not ideal to hide wide feet, but a thicker heel is preferable. In addition, the wide heel is much more comfortable and prevents problems such as swollen or tired feet. And if you don’t want to give up your sandals, choose some comfortable platform sandals.


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