Deodorants to prevent foot odor


One of the most frequent problems is bad foot odor. Sometimes it is caused by an infection, but most of the time the bad smell is caused by excessive sweating. To have beautiful, healthy feet without a bad smell, it will be necessary to use some type of deodorant and if it is natural, much better. We have some natural deodorants to prevent foot odor.

How to combat foot odor naturally?

  • The feet smell because it is one of the most punished parts of the body and that sweat the most. When the feet are wet most of the time, there is a risk of fungus and bad odor appearing. But not all skin types can handle chemical deodorants, so we’ve found some natural foot deodorants.
  • Tea is one of the best natural remedies to combat wet feet from sweat. If we put 5 tea bags in enough water to bathe our feet, make the infusion and let it rest until it is lukewarm, it will be one of the most beneficial foot baths against sweat and bad odor. We must always remember to carefully dry the feet to avoid any moisture remaining.
  • Another natural remedy that acts as a deodorant is baking soda, also very effective for those feet that peel or any eczema on the skin. Mix the baking soda with a small amount of water to form a paste with which we will impregnate the entire surface of the foot, leaving it to act for a few minutes.
  • A foot bath of water mixed with vinegar is also an effective deodorant. It is a remedy against bad smell, but also to combat tired and sore feet. The final trick to prevent sweaty feet is to soak them in talcum powder after your morning shower.


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