Ten practical tips for foot care


The care of the wells is as important as the care of another part of your body such as the face or the vagina. In addition, our feet are our livelihood to walk and when we feel pain or discomfort we immediately notice it and have a hard time. But with good daily care you can have wonderful, beautiful and also healthy feet. So if you want beautiful feet that are also healthy, write down these tips!

Practical advice for the care of your feet

  1. Check your feet. You need to check your feet often for cuts, cracks, redness, blisters, nail fungus, swelling, or any other signs. If necessary, use a mirror.
  2. Wash your feet every day and dry with a soft towel especially between the toes.
  3. Use the pumice stone to remove dead cells and hard skin. So you can have softer feet.
  4. Get massages often. Giving you a massage in the wells once a week is necessary. If you do it with a few drops of mental essential oil in your massage cream, you will notice good sensations.
  5. Feet hydrated. When you have washed your feet and they are dry, you will always have to apply a special moisturizing cream on your heels every night because the soles of your feet do not have sebaceous glands and you need it to keep them soft and hydrated all the time. But don’t get cream between your toes!
  6. Good nail care. Cut your nails straight across and smooth the edges with an emery board. Do every week or whenever necessary?
  7. Choose good footwear. A breathable, comfortable shoe that you don’t notice that it squeezes or rubs you. To know if it is comfortable you will have to make sure that you have enough space to be able to twist your toes.
  8. Improve circulation. Put your feet up and wiggle your toes from time to time. Do not cross your legs for a long time as it limits blood circulation.
  9. Good foot odor. For your feet to smell good you will have to avoid wearing closed shoes or shoes that sweat more than necessary.
  10. Prevent discomfort. You need to prevent your feet from cracking, redness, calluses, infections, blisters. At the slightest discomfort you will have to go to your doctor to prescribe the best treatment for your case.


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