Causes of dry feet: discover the reasons for dry feet


That we should pay more attention to our feet is something that we all know but that we do not always comply with. When the good weather arrives, we want to show off beautiful feet but we realize that they do not present the most suitable appearance to be seen and the main problem we face is dryness. Discover the causes of dry feet.

Why do I have dry feet?

  • There are many reasons that can favor dry feet, but the most frequent cause of dry feet is a lack of care and hydration. If we hydrate our body and face every day, why don’t we do the same with our feet? With a simple daily gesture, we could achieve more beautiful and healthy feet.
  • But there are other reasons why feet appear cracked and dry. Some are related to an inadequate diet and, especially, to being overweight. Diseases such as diabetes or thyroid problems also increase dryness in the feet, leaving them with a rough and rough appearance. Therefore, in some cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  • The choice of footwear is also decisive for the appearance of our feet. Dry feet and cracked heels are often caused by inappropriate footwear, synthetic materials that increase sweating or models that are too narrow to allow blood to circulate properly. That is why dryness is often accompanied by other foot problems such as swelling, calluses or foot pain.
  • In any case, whatever the cause of dry feet, it is necessary to be aware that the feet are the part of our body that suffers the most damage, the one that supports all our weight and for this reason we should pay them twice as much care and attention. than to other parts of our body. We are not only looking for beautiful feet, but also for healthy feet.


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