Natural remedies for dry feet


It is one thing for all of us to want to show off beautiful and healthy feet and quite another thing is that we give them the care they need. The feet are the forgotten parts of our body and that is why we sometimes find them dry, cracked, with fungus or wounds. We have some natural remedies for dry feet that will get our feet up to date.

How to combat dry feet with natural remedies

  • Dry feet have multiple causes, from being overweight to the choice of footwear, through lack of care. It is precisely this lack of foot care that is the most frequent reason for feet to appear dry, rough, hard and cracked. And from this situation to the dreaded wounds or sores on the feet there is only one step.
  • A step that we can avoid with some natural remedies to combat dry feet. Our star remedy is the avocado and yogurt mask, mixing both ingredients and beating them until you get a creamy mass. We apply the mask all over the foot and let it act for about 20 minutes to immediately achieve soft and cared-for feet.
  • Another natural remedy that works very well when it comes to getting beautiful and hydrated feet is vinegar. We add a splash of vinegar to the foot bath water to eliminate calluses and at the same time prevent the appearance of fungus. If we also use the pumice stone on the heels and in the driest areas during the bath with vinegar, the result will be spectacular.
  • In any case, we cannot forget that daily hydration of the feet is essential. If every day we hydrate the body after the shower and also our hands, we must do the same to keep our feet soft and healthy. The best way to hydrate your feet every day is to use a mixture of rose water with glycerin, apply it at night and leave it on overnight, covering your feet with socks.


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