How to prepare feet for a pedicure?


We are not going to deny that looking beautiful and healthy feet takes some time. But time and attention is the least that our feet deserve after having forgotten about them all winter. A pedicure is essential to start showing off your feet, but first you have to prepare your feet for the pedicure.

Foot care before pedicure

  • The pedicure is part of those basic care to be able to show off prettier and healthier feet. But first you have to prepare your feet for the pedicure. The step prior to any pedicure is to wash the feet in a bath for about 20 minutes to prepare the skin and nails. We can add some essential oil to the bath water and we will gain softness.
  • During the foot bath prior to the pedicure it is essential to pass the pumice stone with special emphasis on the heel area to reduce the hardness of the feet. But in addition to the pumice stone, we must also exfoliate the feet with a natural exfoliant based on lemon and sugar. It only remains to dry the feet carefully, paying attention to the area between the fingers to avoid the appearance of fungus.
  • If we are preparing the feet for a pedicure, we must also cut the nails. The ideal is to use a specific nail clipper and make a square cut that we can shape with the file. The toenails should also be hydrated and soft before deciding on a trendy nail design with which to wear sandals.


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