How to prevent feet from swelling?


Foot care is important in order to have beautiful feet, but also to achieve healthy feet. One of the most frequent problems is having swollen feet, something that we must solve as soon as possible because it can be related to important diseases or ailments. Find out how to prevent feet from swelling.

Solutions for swollen feet

  • The causes of swollen feet are multiple, as are their consequences. That is why it is important to realize that when we talk about swollen feet we are not dealing with an aesthetic problem, but a health one. Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, poor blood circulation, being overweight or certain kidney problems can cause feet to swell.
  • To avoid having swollen feet, first you have to know the cause of the swelling, but for all cases a series of recommendations are useful that include a cleansing diet, eliminating salt and fat from the diet and starting to exercise Moderately. It is enough to go for a walk every day to notice the improvement in swollen feet.
  • The best way to avoid swollen feet is to walk barefoot along the seashore, but it is not an activity that is accessible to everyone. Yes, it is within everyone’s reach, for example, a daily foot bath in salt water. You can alternate the cold water bath with the hot water bath to give more relief to tired feet and reduce swelling.
  • An exercise that specialists recommend to prevent swollen feet is to elevate your feet for 20 minutes so that they are higher than your heart to stimulate blood circulation. Foot massages are also essential to reactivate circulation and you can look for a home remedy if the problem of foot swelling is a result of fluid retention. In this case, the horsetail infusion is the most effective.


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