How to get rid of feet that are too oily


Having oily or sweaty feet can be really annoying for the person who suffers from it as well as for those around it if, because of this, it can create bad foot odor. Having excessively oily feet can be due to different reasons, although a common cause may be lack of hygiene, but there are home remedies that can help you make this end.

The problem with oily feet may first be sweat (with or without odor) but this will allow bacteria to multiply, something that will cause bad foot odor. The use of inappropriate footwear can also seriously affect having too greasy feet. Socks can absorb oil from your feet, but they also make your feet moist and can cause odors. So what can be done to end up with overly oily feet? What remedies are there?

The solutions to end overly oily feet

  • Improves perspiration. We have up to 4 million sweat glands in our bodies, and a good part of them are concentrated in our feet. If your feet don’t sweat properly, they will start to get too greasy and smelly. Look for suitable footwear that improves perspiration.
  • Good hygiene. Daily hygiene in the shoes is essential so that you can end up with too greasy feet. You will have to ensure that the skin of your feet is kept clean and dry. For this you will have to wash your feet daily using soap and water and drying them well after showering.
  • Antibacterial cleaner. There are antibacterial cleansers in powders or to put in water that go very well for very oily feet. They will help you keep your feet clean and fresh. If you can’t find any solution in your pharmacy that you like, you can always resort to water and vinegar.
  • Absorbent talcum powder. As an extra help you can apply some absorbent talcum powder to your feet before putting on socks, stockings or shoes. It’s added protection against oily foot problems and will also keep you from getting excessively smelly.


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