The sweat of the feet; is genetic?


Most women have ever suffered foot sweat and the corresponding odor when this has occurred, but only sporadically and for some specific reason, it is annoying. But for some people sweaty feet are a fairly common, persistent, embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. It can be so severe in some people that it affects their daily life, although the good news is that it is somewhat treatable.

Foot sweat and its causes

  1. Excessive foot sweat is also known as hyperhidrosis -or excessive sweating and has to do with the way in which the sweat glands perform the function of sweating. The human body has thousands of these sweat glands, but the feet sweat more than other parts because there are more of these glands. The function of the sweat glands is to keep the skin moist and flexible, in addition to regulating the temperature when you are hot, which is why you sweat more in summer or when you are exercising.
  2. Foot sweating is something that occurs normally and when it is excessive it occurs because the sweat glands are overactive, which in many cases can be a genetic cause. That is, if your father, your mother or an immediate relative suffers from sweaty feet, it is more than likely that it will also happen to you.
  3. Although there may also be other causes such as stress, hormonal problems, tiredness, anxiety, etc. And while the heat can make things worse, sweaty feet can be sweaty year-round, and that’s when they’re likely to require long-term treatment, otherwise you may be more likely to get fungus or get blisters.
  4. Anyone of any age can suffer from sweaty feet, but if it’s your home, in addition to having good foot hygiene, see your doctor to think about the treatment that best suits you and your situation.


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