How to combat cold feet in pregnancy


Although it is quite common, it does not happen to all pregnant women, but it does to a large majority. If the most common thing is that at the end of pregnancy women have quite swollen legs and feet due to the weight they have to carry with them every day, it is also normal for women to feel very cold at the beginning of pregnancy… but cold. or not, you must take care of them.

It is something common and you should not be scared if at the beginning of the pregnancy you notice that your feet are somewhat colder. This is because of the hormones and how your body is taking a lot of blood to your uterus to be able to form life, that is why the extremities feel colder. But what you can do to combat it is to follow some tips to warm them up.

How to combat cold feet in pregnancy

  • Hot foot baths. Once a day you can put your feet in a little warm or hot water so that your feet warm up and stop being cold. It is a very pleasant sensation and it will also help you to relax and find a moment of well-being.
  • Foot massages. You can ask your partner, a friend or family member to give you a foot massage every night. The circular movements of the massages will help your blood flow better and you can also enjoy a most pleasant moment. Who doesn’t like foot massages?
  • Coverage with socks.  If you have cold feet, it doesn’t matter what time of year you are in, choose socks that you like and that are also very soft, and enjoy them to warm your feet.
  • Remember that if these three remedies do not work for you and you feel that they are too cold or that they even hurt you, then do not hesitate to see your doctor so that he can give you a solution that is suitable for you


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