Five tricks to have beautiful feet


Beautiful feet and well-polished toes are necessary to be able to show off this area of ​​the body whenever you want, especially when it’s hot and you only want to wear sandals. The feet are a very important area of ​​our anatomy and you must take care of them because your feet are healthy. In addition to taking care of them directly, massages also have benefits for health and circulation and even have benefits to reduce anxiety by relieving possible pain.

But what is also essential, in addition to having your feet well cared for with massages, is that you know some tricks to have beautiful feet. Do you want to know what to do to have incredibly enviable feet?

Steps to make your feet beautiful

  1. Cleaning and pampering: To have beautiful feet you will have to wash them and not just let the water fall when you are showering. Put your feet in a basin with water and wash them thoroughly. File any roughness or hardness that you may have, trim your nails carefully and always put on a moisturizing foot cream to keep them soft and delicate.
  2. A good pedicure: To cut your nails you will first have to remove the dirt from under the nails with a nail pick, then cut them in a straight line -never cut the nails too short or at the corners because you can cause ingrown toenails-. Never cut your cuticles because they will help keep germs off your skin and nails. When you’re ready to file, do it carefully.
  3. Nail polish: You will have to pay attention to your toenails so that they are beautiful. You can paint them with glitter, with bold colors or even with drawings, you choose how you want to have your nails painted! But you have to do it, because it is a quick way to have much more beautiful feet. Nails dress your feet!
  4. Foot massage: If you can’t do it daily, unless it’s every other day, or at least those days when you wear high-heeled shoes and your feet don’t understand why you’re torturing them like this. You just need a tennis ball, sit on a chair and rub the ball from heel to toe. Massage the most tense areas of the foot and breathe deeply to help oxygenate and relax the muscles, do it on both feet. Believe it or not, it will help you to have the most beautiful feet because you will be improving their health.
  5. Prevention of blisters: There is nothing more painful and less aesthetic than some blisters on the feet, and the best solution is the best prevention. As temperatures rise, feet sweat and swell -soak them in water to deflate for 15 minutes a day- and this can cause friction between the foot and the shoe. If you want to minimize irritation, wear comfortable shoes that do not hurt any part of the foot.


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