5 tips to keep your feet from drying out


Dry feet can be something you don’t like to show others, and the worst part is that it can be painful. You can become aware of your dry feet when you realize that they can reflect your health and even your personality. You can lose all your charm because of careless feet since they will not look pretty. Dry feet are often caused by exposure to adverse conditions, lack of care, and even nutritional deficiencies. Dry skin can cause itchiness, irritation, and itchy feet too. You need to pay attention to your feet and follow these tips to keep them healthier.

Tips to keep your feet from drying out

  1. Moisturize feet. Hydration is an essential part of caring for the feet and skin of the body. In winter, the feet dry out more and that is why it is necessary that you choose a product that is specific for your skin and that you remember to apply the product minutes after bathing.
  2. Use Vaseline. If you have dry feet but also your elbows and knees, you need to start using Vaseline – the same one you use for your lips – as a foot cream. This way you will begin to feel your feet much softer and see them looking better.
  3. Drink water. Drinking enough water is necessary to keep your system well hydrated. Dry feet can occur when your body is not well hydrated, so remember to drink about 8 glasses of water every day to treat dry feet.
  4. Eat better. It is very important that you pay attention to what you eat, you cannot miss a good portion of fresh salad once a day – ideally, the salad should have ingredients: carrot, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, so you can eliminate any deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals in the body. This way you will be improving the dryness of the feet and you will make them softer and more beautiful.
  5. Avoid very hot water. In winter especially it is very tempting to bathe with hot water, but it is best that the water is warm because the hot one will remove the natural oils from the skin making your feet too dry.


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