Decorated toenails: trendy pedicure


The trend of decorated nails or ‘nail art’ is here to stay and now it is also coming to the feet. If you want to wear a trendy pedicure, sign up for decorated toenails. Invest in imagination because the good weather is approaching and it is time to dust off your sandals.

The best decorations for toenails

  • Surely you have already gotten used to the most imaginative manicure, to nails with flowers, with different colors and even with unimaginable textures. Well now it’s her turn to feet. If in winter we have kept our feet sheltered by socks and boots, now is the time for them to regain their leading role with the trendiest pedicure.
  • Everything that is valid for fingernails in terms of nail decoration is valid for toenails, except their length, of course. So don’t be afraid to decorate your nails with flowers, with polka dots, with stars or with the reason that you like the most. You can also opt for a nail design in two colors for your feet or apply lacquer of different colors on each nail.
  • In any case, it is about putting into practice the ‘nail art’ also on the toenails. In addition to the thousand possibilities with motifs and colors, nail decoration also makes it possible to use different and innovative textures, such as the caviar pedicure, with a sophisticated finish for luxurious nails.
  • But the most important thing when we talk about toenail decoration is to show off well-cared feet. Foot care is even more necessary than hand care, since we forget about them for much of the year. That is why it is important to spend a few weeks before pampering your feet, paying special attention to hydration and exfoliation.


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