7 things your feet are trying to tell you about your health


How much attention do you dedicate to your feet? In winter, probably little or nothing and, in summer, with the arrival of good weather and the change of footwear (we went from knee-high boots to open sandals) perhaps a little more. And it is in those moments when we take care of them a little more based on pedicures or peelings that make them beautiful.

However, the feet can be indicative of our state of health and carriers of valuable information about diseases that we may be suffering without knowing it ourselves. The next time you take off your shoes and socks, take a look at your feet and see if they are suffering from any of these symptoms. These are the 7 things that your feet try to tell you about your state of health.

Dry and scaly feet

Raise your hand who hasn’t ever had the heels of your feet dry? If it is something that is solved with a little cream and does not last over time, there is no need to worry; If it persists, be careful, because dry and scaly feet can be a symptom of thyroid problems.

Bald toes

The hairs that some people have on the part of the instep or on the fingers are a bit unsightly. We always want to eliminate them, but it doesn’t hurt to control that hair, because your toes becoming “bald” is related to arterial blockages and circulation problems.

Wounds that don’t heal

A poorly healed wound or a wound that does not heal on the feet is saying that there are not enough healing red blood cells, that is, that there may be a diatebes problem. Go to your doctor!

Swollen big toe 

Have you heard of gout? It is a form of arthritis and, in some cases, it manifests itself through swelling of the big toe. To avoid this, it is important to take care of your diet and avoid red meat and alcoholic beverages.

Toenail with red or white lines

Take a good look at your nails. Have you noticed at some point as if some red lines were drawn under it? They can be small, unimportant bleeds, but they can also be a sign of lupus or an infection of the heart valves. For their part, the white lines, if they appear in parallel, may be telling us about malnutrition problems or low protein levels in the blood.

Concave nails 

Also known as cockroach nails because they grow abnormally. It is something uncomfortable, unpleasant, but also alarming because it can be linked to pathologies such as lupus or anemia.

Bridge too high 

There are two types of people: those with flat feet or those who, on the contrary, have a long bridge. If this arch that occurs on the bottom of the foot develops suddenly, it may be a clear manifestation of a problem in the person’s nervous system.


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