Why calluses and hardness appear on the feet


The feet are a very precious part of the body, and if there is discomfort in the feet or some kind of pain, even the character can change. Feet help you walk, move from one place to another and complement the feminine beauty when you want to show them off. But, sometimes you can find calluses and hardness on your feet, why does this happen? It is important to take care of your feet to have them beautiful.

Why calluses and hardness appear on the feet

  • Corns and calluses on the feet are areas of hard, thick skin that develop when the skin is exposed to constant, excessive pressure or friction. Generally, they occur in the feet and can cause discomfort and pain when walking, which is why proper footwear is needed for the feet that provide good support and support, without friction.
  • If you want to find out if you have a callus or hardness on the skin of your feet, you should see if you have a harder area or a wart. You should go to your doctor and he will know if it is a callus or a hardness by scraping it.
  • They usually need a specific treatment, although most calluses can be corrected with several easy ways including a change of shoes, scraping the calluses with a specific tool for that purpose and even in some cases, a specific surgery can be performed to find the solution.
  • Plantar Calluses usually arise from a shoe problem and show up as small circles of thick skin. On the other hand, the calluses of the feet are hard, rough areas of the skin that normally have a yellowish color. They can develop on the foot, but the most normal thing is that it is around the heel or on the sole of the foot.
  • The hardness of the feet appears when the area is rubbed against something for a long time such as the ground or the shoe. It can often occur from wearing high heels regularly, from wearing ill-fitting shoes or even from having too dry skin on the foot.
  • Corns can be got rid of with proper treatment. Do not use the corn removal pads.


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