How to get more beautiful feet


We don’t always give our feet the attention they deserve. We forget them during the cold winter months only to discover one fine day that their condition is not ideal to start putting on sandals. We have some tips to get more beautiful feet. Start taking care of your feet right now.

Care for beautiful feet

  • We cannot expect to find ourselves with perfect feet and ready to wear sandals if we have paid no attention to them during the winter. Foot care must be as constant as that of the hands or other parts of the body, so we are willing to give feet back the prominence they deserve. Undoubtedly, the first step to get beautiful feet is to maintain good hygiene.
  • Beautiful feet are feet free of odors, without fungus and without infections. For this, it is necessary to clean the feet to the extreme, paying special attention between the toes and drying them carefully. A trick so that moisture does not appear on the feet is to spray them after bathing with talcum powder. We must also be very careful when cutting the toenails, in a straight line to avoid ingrown toenails.
  • But if there is a gesture that is essential when it comes to showing off beautiful feet, it is hydration. Feet need as much hydration as the rest of our body and we must admit that sometimes we do not reach that part. Logically, prior to hydration is exfoliation, also very necessary for the feet. If we also rub our heels with a pumice stone during the shower, we have guaranteed softness.
  • To achieve beautiful and healthy feet, the choice of footwear is of vital importance. Narrow shoes and high heels, as much as they fascinate us, are the worst enemies both for the appearance of our feet and for their health. So it is not convenient to abuse those uncomfortable shoes that we like so much.


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