Home remedies for foot calluses


The foot is usually one of the most neglected parts of our body, which we only pay attention to when we have a specific problem such as calluses. These appear as a response from the body to pressure or friction that occurs frequently, usually due to wearing bad and inappropriate shoes. This anomaly can also be generated in the hands, either by the repeated use of a tool or the use of a gadget that manages to cause such wear. For its elimination we can resort to a series of home remedies that are easy to prepare.

Remove calluses with home remedies

  • It must be taken into account that before applying any home remedy aimed at removing calluses present on both hands and feet, it is highly recommended to use a file for calluses or a pumice stone to gently scratch them and predispose them for subsequent treatment. One of the most effective options to end this anomaly consists in the use of a flower like the nettle. To do this, we must take the stems, wash them well and pass them through the blender together with the rest of the plant. Subsequently, we can apply -several times throughout the day- the juice obtained from this operation directly on the calluses until the problem is eradicated.
  • Foot baths are homemade alternatives to combat the appearance of unsightly calluses as they help both to improve circulation in the area and to keep feet clean as well as fresh. We must add a tablespoon of dried rosemary leaves to a container filled with hot water and let it rest for five minutes. At the same time, we have to prepare another bucket full of cold water and leave it next to the first one. Once these steps have been completed, we have to put our feet in the hot water for sixty seconds, take them out and put them in the cold water for twenty seconds. We will have to alternate these two steps several times for the remedy to achieve its effect.
  • Another quite effective home remedy to remove calluses from the hands and feet is to rub the calluses with castor oil for a period of two weeks. Once this period is over, we have to put a piece of lemon peel and a raw tomato on the callus and cover it with a bandage. In this way, we will be able to soften the affected area, especially if we let this trick work overnight.


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