Why do feet peel in summer?


When summer arrives, you will notice how people start to keep closed shoes in their closets and start taking out beautiful sandals and all the open shoes that they had stored during the winter. You like it too; you can’t deny it. Walking in open shoes is like a release that summer brings us, but why do your feet peel when the temperatures rise? You must take this into account so that you can take care of your feet as they deserve.

Why do feet peel in summer?

  • The main reason why your feet can peel in summer is above all due to lack of hydration and inadequate footwear that treats your feet harshly. One way to remedy this is by moisturizing your feet daily, with a good moisturizer and drinking water. Of course, the change of footwear for a better one for your feet, cannot be missing. When it’s very hot, hydration is essential. You have to be careful with the sun, because if they burn you can also peel.
  • It is also possible that if you are on vacation and you are neglecting your diet, the lack of vitamin A, E and C can also cause your feet to start peeling. In this sense, it is necessary that you review your diet and eat foods that provide you with the necessary vitamins to have healthy skin. Oranges, pineapple, kiwi are some examples.
  • Perhaps you use too many soaps, creams or chemicals that are damaging your skin and that is why your feet are peeling. It may also be that you walk barefoot on too many occasions and that your feet are suffering those consequences. It is also possible that if your feet are peeling it is because you are suffering from some type of foot infection. Fungal infections, in addition to making them itch and turn red, can also make them peel. Or maybe you have some type of allergy on your feet that is causing them to peel in summer.
  • But if you notice that your feet do not improve and that you continue to have discomfort, then do not hesitate to see your doctor to assess what is happening to your feet and why they are peeling.


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