Why you should massage your feet before bed


The feet are a fundamental part of our body because they support all our weight every day. In order for them to continue working correctly, we must take care of them and one of the ways to achieve this is to massage them before going to sleep. This technique helps to relax the feet and the whole body, in addition to providing the body with important benefits that we are going to show below.

Benefits of massaging the feet

  • Strengthens the immune system. These massages are intended to stimulate the reflexes of the feet to achieve relaxation and healing. With this care we make sure to prevent the harmful effects of stress that can lead to serious physical and emotional health problems.
  • Provides energy and rejuvenation. Through these nightly massages, the feet are restored and energized. Reflexology suggests that foot massages release blockages that may be blocking our daily energy.
  • Improves circulation. We have to know that good blood circulation is essential for oxygen and nutrients to be transported correctly to the cells of the body. Foot massage can improve the blood flow problem and will also help to release tension.
  • Gives balance and harmony. You have to know the importance of harmony between body and mind. With this type of massage, you can get all the body systems to work together.
  • Keeps skin healthy. By improving blood circulation, excess fat that affects the skin is eliminated. This will also help prevent premature aging and thus improve skin tone.
  • Prevents cramps. Foot massages will help relax them and strengthen the tissues with them. With this we will be able to reduce the levels of lactic acid that are responsible for causing cramps and muscle pain.
  • If you have pain in the feet, then a massage with something like fisiocrem is going to be invaluable.


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