What the color of your feet can indicate about your health


Feet can reveal anything about our health, and their color is a key indicator to find out how we are and what may be affecting our health.

If the feet suffer some type of disorder, they can trigger other more serious and imminent diseases. To avoid this, we must pay attention to our foot color, especially if there has been an unusual change in tone.

The color of your feet and your health

Have you ever noticed the color of your feet? You might think they are the same tone as the rest of your skin, but you might be surprised. Pay attention to the predominant hue of your feet and find out a little below what it could mean.

Try not to be alarmist with your self-diagnosis. If you detect any of these signs in your feet, it is recommended that you go to your doctor to evaluate your case and decide if you need any treatment.

Red, white or blue feet

The variation of the color of the feet or of their fingers that goes from the bank, to the blue and finishing in the red can mean that we suffer from Raynaud’s disease. This pathology affects the blood vessels and causes them to contract when we feel cold or stress. For a more effective diagnosis it is necessary to go to the family doctor and rule out any more serious problem.

Yellow toenails

In this case, it is the toenails that have changed color and appear yellowish. It is usually a fungal infection found under the toenail and is caused by showering in public restrooms or having wet or damp feet for a long time. If it happens to us frequently, it can be related to diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other immune deficiencies.

Green feet

If your feet have a green color and it has not been caused by any external factor, it may be due to problems in the spleen or lymphatic system. Such an unexpected change requires an immediate diagnosis from your doctor.

Purple feet

When the feet are very cold and purple in color, it is due to poor blood circulation. The pathology is called cyanosis and, in addition to having the symptoms of cold and purple feet, it presents others such as fluid accumulation and mental confusion. If this happens, do not delay in going to your doctor for an evaluation.


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