Toenail treatment: what to do to improve them


Generally, we pay a lot of attention to the care of the hands, but we neglect the care of the feet, that is why the toenails present an unattractive appearance and that we do not like to show. Feet should be pampered just as much as hands and we have some tips for treating and improving your toenails.

How to care for toenails

  • Toenails require just as much care as fingernails, but we often leave them olive under our socks all winter long. The first step to improve the appearance of the toenails is to maintain adequate hygiene, washing the feet, drying them well so that fungus does not appear and taking care of the hydration of the area.
  • It is always a good idea to go to an aesthetic center to perform a professional pedicure and to direct us towards a better treatment of the toenails. But there are some basic things that we can do for ourselves. Special care requires the cutting of the nails, which must be straight to avoid the inconvenience of ingrown nails. After cutting them, we can shape them with the help of a file, but without filing too much to avoid infection.
  • Most people prefer to cut their toenails with nail clippers rather than scissors, but keep in mind that it’s best to use a toenail-specific clipper. These nail clippers, in addition to favoring the most appropriate cut, prevent us from using the same instrument for the feet and for the hands, with the danger that this entails of contagion of fungi or bacteria.
  • For the rest, the treatment of the toenails is the same that we give to the fingernails. We must clean them well, hydrate them, remove the cuticles and then they will be ready to paint them with our favorite nail lacquer or even to decorate them with ‘nail art’. Because toenails must also be trendy.


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