Natural remedies for foot problems


As we sometimes forget about foot care, especially during winter, we find them full of problems such as dryness, swelling or fungus. But we have solutions for everything and we have found the best natural remedies for foot problems.

A natural remedy for every foot problem

To show off beautiful and well-cared feet and to be able to wear sandals without complexes, we need to pay a little more attention to our feet. The most frequent foot problems find a healthy and effective solution in natural remedies and we have found the best ones.

  1. Cold feet. Many women have cold feet both in winter and in summer, so we have not stopped until we found the most effective natural remedy. As the main cause of cold feet is poor circulation, a daily infusion of ginger or cinnamon will help a lot to reactivate blood flow and the temperature of the feet.
  2. Swollen feet. Poor diet, hectic lifestyle and inadequate footwear are some of the causes of swollen feet. To solve it, nothing better than elevating your feet for a few minutes at the end of the day. And if the cause of swollen feet is fluid retention, the best remedy is to take a daily infusion of horsetail.
  3. Dry feet Dry feet are often accompanied by unsightly and painful cracked heels. It is essential to hydrate the skin of the feet just like we do with the rest of the body. But to solve dry feet, exfoliation is vitally important, which we can do at home with lemon and sugar.
  4. Sore feet The causes of foot pain are varied, from spending a lot of time on your feet to choosing poor-quality, tight shoes. The best natural remedy to relieve sore feet is the basic recipe to treat any foot problem, that is, alternate cold water baths with hot water. And if we add salt to the bath water, the pain will disappear more quickly.
  5. Foot sweat Many people’s feet sweat excessively and that causes a bad smell, in addition to the fact that the humidity of the sweat can favor the appearance of fungus. One of the best natural remedies to prevent sweaty feet is to spray them with talcum powder after showering.


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