Natural remedies for cracked toenails


As much attention as we dedicate to the hands or other parts of our body, we should also dedicate it to the feet. Toenails are those great forgotten things that we only remember when we want to put on sandals. But if we want to show off beautiful feet, we must give them all the attention they deserve. We have the best natural remedies for cracked toenails.

How to naturally fix cracked toenails

  • It is a fact that we must recognize and solve as soon as possible that we do not pay due attention to our feet, much less to our toenails. This carelessness makes our nails look bad, brittle, yellowish, cracked or even fungus. And it turns out that in this detail of the nails is the secret to show off beautiful and healthy feet.
  • It must be borne in mind that the problem of cracked toenails may be due to a lack of food or some other ailment, so it is advisable to see a doctor. But while we find the reason for cracked nails, we can treat them with natural remedies. Rubbing a clove of garlic on your toenails greatly strengthens the enamel, which is why it is considered the star remedy for cracked nails.
  • We can also gently massage the toenails with a mixture of honey and olive oil, with which the appearance of our nails will improve remarkably in a few days. Another natural remedy that works very well is to soak the toenails in almond oil and cover the feet for about 20 minutes. The sensation of softness in the nails is immediate.
  • But it is worth reflecting before launching ourselves in search of miraculous potions or effective home remedies for foot problems. We cannot forget about foot care, hydration or hygiene. Nor can we ignore that most days we mistreat our feet based on narrow-heeled shoes or footwear with synthetic fabrics that are the main enemies of the health of our feet.


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