My feet do not get hot: guidelines to achieve it


There are people who always have cold feet, in winter and in summer. And only they (and their partners) know how annoying cold feet can be. But all is not lost in the battle against cold feet, because we have found some solutions to warm your feet and regulate the temperature.

Guidelines for warming feet

  • If sometimes we completely forget about foot care, we pay even less attention to socks, essential elements to combat cold feet. If you always have cold feet, try changing your socks several times a day, because that cold feeling may be due to feet sweating and socks keeping moisture.
  • One of the most effective home remedies for cold feet and also for all kinds of foot problems such as swollen feet or foot pain is a bath with alternating hot and cold water. You may be too lazy to put your feet in cold water, but it is one of the fastest techniques to warm them up and regulate their temperature.
  • On many occasions, cold feet are the result of poor circulation and are accompanied by tired and sore feet. In this case, you can resort to infusions of ginger or cinnamon that, in addition to regulating body temperature, improve blood circulation. A little exercise or even jumping on the mat are also effective tricks to warm up your feet.
  • Having cold feet is quite annoying, but it can be easily remedied with a nightly massage. The massage will also not only give you a feeling of well-being and immediate warmth, but will also help you to have more beautiful, soft and hydrated feet.


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