I want pretty feet! Learn to take care of them


Having healthy feet means that everything goes well, but to have them healthy you will have to take care of them every day. Having poorly cared for feet is unhygienic and can also cause you other added problems such as pain in the hip, back or joints. But it is likely that your feet are the last part of your body that you plan to take care of, although you should know that they are too important to ignore.

How to have beautiful feet with beauty tips

  • In addition to affecting the body, foot problems due to not taking care of them can be: bad foot odor, chapped skin, fallen arches, ingrown toenails, fungal infections, damaged bones, and even reduced mobility. All the problems that your feet cause you by not taking care of them correctly can get worse as you get older, so if you think that taking care of your feet is not important now, it is likely that later you will regret not having done so.
  • To have very beautiful and well-cared for ones, you will have to make sure that both the skin, the bones and the muscles work correctly. Do you want to have them pretty? Learn to take care of them!
  • Wash and dry your feet well. Don’t go to bed without washing your feet well. Dirt can irritate your feet and infect them, so you will have to wash your feet every night with soap and water. In addition, you will have to dry them well, especially between your fingers to prevent germs from reproducing and fungus.
  • Apply moisturizer. It is important that after each wash you add a moisturizing cream to your feet, but it will have to be a special moisturizing cream for feet, do not use the general one for the body.
  • Remove the tough skin. If you have hard skin or calluses it is a good idea to use a pumice stone or a foot file to be able to scrape decisively and you will have beautiful feet. And don’t forget to take care of your nails!
  • Comfortable shoes. If during the day you don’t wear comfortable shoes, your feet will notice it and your appearance too. You can’t have pretty feet if you have them with keys. And remember that if you want to avoid the bad smell of your feet or shoe injuries, you should wear socks and change them often.


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