How to relieve foot pain during pregnancy?


Most women who have had children cannot forget the intense and constant pain in their feet that accompanied them for several months. It is a pain caused by various causes, although the main one is the obvious weight gain during pregnancy. We have some tips to relieve foot pain in pregnancy.

Foot problems during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, the least concern is having beautiful feet, but it is a part of the body that is very present throughout the pregnancy. The most common problem for pregnant women is foot pain, intense and constant pain, but also foot swelling or plantar fasciitis. All of them problems that we cannot completely avoid, but we can alleviate your discomfort.
  • The main recommendation to avoid foot pain during pregnancy is to pay close attention to the footwear that is used. Wide and comfortable footwear, made of natural materials and to which specialized insoles can be incorporated for each specific problem, is recommended. There is nothing wrong with relegating heels to the bottom drawer for a few months, because the most important thing during pregnancy is health and being able to alleviate any discomfort.
  • Sometimes foot pain is caused by fluid retention, one of the most frequent pregnancy discomforts. In this case, the pain is accompanied by swollen feet and the best thing to do is to take care of your diet by reducing your salt intake. It is also highly recommended to go for a walk every day and not miss the daily salt water foot bath.
  • Pregnant women will surely have to spend more time caring for their feet, since they are in charge of picking up all the weight that increases as the months go by. Elevating your feet for a few minutes is an almost mandatory exercise to reduce foot problems. And what should never be missing is a good daily foot massage.
  • The actual cause of foot pain during pregnancy can be due to any number of specific conditions.


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