How to cure hard feet


Each body is different and the same thing happens with the feet… it is difficult to find two identical feet. Sometimes a strange hard layer thicker than normal is created in this part of the body. This layer is a stronghold of dead cells that is created when the foot is rubbed too much, for example if you have a shoe that is too tight or when walking rubs a part of the foot too much.

The epidermis accumulates and little by little hardness or callus is created, something that in turn will become a hard and yellowish area on the foot. The hardness in the feet are painless but if you press on a bone or if it is just above a nerve and you press, then you can feel pain.

How to cure hard feet

  • But if you have hard feet, all is not lost! You can do a few things to improve its appearance.
  • Pumice. If the calluses in your feet are causing you pain or you realize that they are getting worse, you need to scrape off some of the dead cells so that they do not put too much pressure on your nerves. When you get out of the shower or a hot bath and your skin is damp and soft, you can rub a pumice stone over the callus to remove dead cells. Don’t try to remove the hardness at once, you will have to do it little by little, because if the hardness is too thick it can take weeks. A pumice stone is a rough stone of volcanic mineral.
  • Cardboard file. If the hardness of your feet is not too hard, you can use a cardboard file, especially if you have hardness between your toes.
  • Hydration. It is also very important to hydrate your feet as much as possible. You can use castor oil as a softener for your feet. Although the moisturizing creams after the bath cannot be missing.
  • Shoes that fit you well. It is also very important to wear shoes that fit you well and that do not squeeze or rub you more than necessary. Proper shoes are essential for good foot health.


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