Foot size problems


They say that size matters, but it is usually directed to the lower parts of men… but, it seems that it also matters in women’s feet, especially when you go shopping. A woman with a small foot has always been a sign of beauty, but this has really been buried because a beautiful woman doesn’t care what size foot she has – as long as it is in balance with the size of other parts of the body.

The size of the feet in women

  • The size of the feet in women can affect in different ways, for example:
  • Not finding shoes of your size if you have big feet. If you have very large feet, you will know by heart the typical: ‘we have to ask for it, we don’t have that size’. But don’t worry, there are more and more stores that specialize in making beautiful shoes for women with big feet.
  • Go to the girl’s section because you have small feet. If you have a foot that is too small, it is more than likely that you will have to look at the shoes in the girls’ or adolescents’ section because women’s shoes usually have sizes 36/37 and up.
  • There are no shoes in your size because they are sold out. But the problem does not only affect you if you have a very large or very small foot… if you have a common foot and many women have the same foot size as you, when you want to go buy some nice shoes on sale or at any other time of the year. year, your number is the first to sell out because it is the best seller!
  • Holey or oversized socks. If you have very large feet, it is possible that socks with holes in the toes are common, and if you have very small feet, it is likely that you notice the socks that are too big for you and seem to dance on your feet.


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