Foot care for spring: show off your feet!


At some point winter will come to an end and we can enjoy the spring sun. Surely you are looking forward to dusting off your sandals and going out to invoke the heat, but are your feet ready for spring? If you have completely forgotten about the care of your feet, it is time to get them ready and show off perfect feet for spring.

How to prepare your feet for spring?

There is some care that feet need to start wearing sandals this spring. It is not enough that you apply a little nail polish to your feet because, after the winter, your feet will be dry and deteriorated. We have the steps for perfect feet for spring.

Foot bath

The foot bath is essential before starting to care for them. A salt water bath will leave the skin of your feet ready to be treated. But as essential as cleaning them is to dry them well, paying special attention to the area between the fingers that tends to remain damp. You have to be especially careful with these small details that could cause fungus.


Hard feet are very unpleasant. While you bathe your feet, have a stone for calluses handy and rub the feet to soften all the skin, with special interest in the area of ​​the heels, which is where the skin cracks the most and where calluses can appear.


If every morning you hydrate your face and your entire body, why don’t you do the same with your feet? There are specific moisturizing creams for the feet, but the body moisturizer also works. Of course, the hydration of the feet must also be a daily gesture. There are also special socks that can be filled with oil and cream and hydrate you while you wear them at home.


To show off beautiful and healthy feet you should wear comfortable and roomy shoes, but we know that you cannot resist heels. So try to use gel insoles so that at least the sole of the foot suffers less.


One of the best exercises to keep your feet toned and looking good is to go barefoot. Walking on the grass or, better yet, on the sand on the beach reactivates circulation and strengthens your feet.


Forget the idea that nail decoration or ‘nail art’ is only for fingernails. Put all your imagination at the service of your feet to show off your sandals this spring. Put no limits to your imagination!


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