Five problems that affect your feet in summer


When summer arrives and the good temperatures, it is possible that the first thing you think about is taking off those annoying closed shoes and enjoying the liberating sensation that summer footwear provides. But the heat can become uncomfortable, it can make you sweat more than necessary and some problems appear on your feet. Good foot care is necessary in summer, and at all times of the year!

5 problems that affect your feet in summer

  • Foot sweat Foot sweat is quite common and with the bad smell that this entails. It is necessary that you wear suitable footwear for high temperatures that helps your feet to breathe. Say goodbye to socks for a season and look for a good quality material for your shoes.
  • Fungal infection. Fungal infections in summer are all too common because of all the activities that are usually carried out in these summer times. For example, if you go to the pool or bathe in public showers without protection on your feet, it is likely that you can get a fungal infection.
  • Hard or cracked skin. Hard or cracked skin is normal because the heat and the sandals will make your skin suffer, especially on the heels. It is better that you use a moisturizing foot cream daily to solve this problem.
  • Blisters. Blisters are quite common when summer arrives, especially from the rubbing of the sandals or flip-flops that are worn and get between the toes. The best way to prevent these blisters is to keep your feet dry and ensure that the sandals fit your foot well.
  • Foot burns. Your feet when you have them so bare can easily burn. So that this does not happen, you will need to apply sunscreen cream on your feet whenever you go out.


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