Feet without fungus is possible: tips that help


Fungi are a fairly common problem among people and normally when they appear it is usually because they are not careful. They can go out by walking barefoot in inappropriate places and getting infected – such as in gym showers, in public swimming pools, etc.-, by being infected directly with another person’s feet, by not having adequate and specific care in daily beauty routines, etc. But if you want to avoid getting fungus on your feet, keep reading because these tips will help you, you can avoid it so you don’t have to suffer from it!

Tips that help not to have foot fungus

  • Dry your feet well after washing them. When you wash your feet or get out of the shower, it is essential that you dry your feet completely, especially between your toes because they are dark places that if they also get wet and are left wet, the fungus will realize that it is the perfect place. to grow and they can come out on your feet.
  • Don’t share shoes. Women love to have new shoes and that sometimes means sharing it with friends or family to show off new shoes without having to buy them. But this is very risky because you could catch fungus from someone else.
  • Change your socks every day. Especially in times when it is cold and you usually have your foot with closed shoes all day, it is necessary that you take into account that you should change your socks at least once a day. Don’t wear the same pair of socks all day because then you could be creating a damp environment for fungus to grow.
  • Air out your feet. Feet that are locked in and sweaty all day are not a good option, so it is ideal that you air them out for a while each day. In summer it is better that you wear them with open shoes, and in winter that in addition to changing socks during the day, you can also have them naked for a while.
  • Wear breathable shoes. It is also necessary that your shoes are of good quality and also breathable.


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