Feet: how to hold heels


Although we all would like to have beautiful feet, we do not always treat them with the care that we should. Heels are the great enemies of healthy feet, but it seems that we are not willing to give them up. So at least we are going to find a way to last longer in heels and that the feet do not suffer so much.

Tricks to last longer in high-heeled shoes

  • You look in the mirror before going to a party and you feel great. Until you look at the sky-high heels and realize you’re glowing, but you don’t know if the foot pain from the heels is going to be worth it at the end of the night. Would you like to last longer with heels? We have some tricks.
  • One of the best tricks so that high-heeled shoes do not hurt us so much is to put them in the freezer for a while before. With this simple gesture, what we achieve is to soften the shoes and that they do not cause blisters on our feet, chafing or wounds. Although it does not prevent the discomfort produced in the sole of the foot by forcing it to be in a position that is not its natural posture.
  • To avoid these postural consequences due to the heel, we can resort to gel insoles, which also considerably alleviate pain in the sole of the foot. It is also very important to wear a shoe that is the exact size, that is not too tight to compress the foot or too large that you have to force the instep by holding it to keep it from slipping off.
  • For those who are not willing to spend the night with a sore gesture or cause more foot problems, a good alternative are wedges, much more comfortable than the classic thin heel. Platform shoes are also a trendy option that adds sophistication to the look without reducing comfort.


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