Exercises to overcome foot pain


One of the most common foot problems is foot pain, a pain that most of the time we cause ourselves due to the choice of footwear and the lack of foot care. But it is never too late to remedy it and we have some exercises to overcome foot pain.

Easy exercises to relieve foot pain

  • It is time to remedy those problems that prevent us from having more beautiful and healthier feet. To relieve foot pain, we can start with some simple exercises, such as walking barefoot. Walking barefoot on the beach, on the grass or even in the corridor at home is one of those exercises that relieves pain the fastest and helps us recover the rest we need.
  • A small ball will help us reduce foot pain after a long day of work. It is placed on the sole of the foot and we only have to move it from one side to the other or in circles to strengthen the foot and find great pain relief. If, in addition to this exercise, we give our feet a bath of salt water, alternating cold and hot water, we will be able to recover all our energy sooner.
  • Another exercise that is very useful for tired and sore feet is to stand on tiptoes and walk around the house a bit, also stretch your toes as much as possible, try to make circles or even try to catch an object with your toes. For these exercises to have an effect against foot pain, we must perform them every day.
  • The goal of these foot exercises is not only to relieve pain, but also to strengthen the skin to prevent sores or blisters from appearing on the feet. In any case, we cannot forget that the feet require exercise but also a lot of care, such as hydration, exfoliation and, especially, hygiene.


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