Exercises for foot pain without leaving home


If you have foot pain, it is not necessary that you should scratch your pocket to go to a professional. On many occasions it is only necessary to spend a little time in our body to find good results. In this sense, you can perform exercises for foot pain without leaving home and thus find relief for your discomfort. But remember that if the pain does not improve over time, the ideal thing is that you go to the doctor to find the exact cause that causes it and the treatment and care necessary so that the pain stops being a problem for you.

Exercises for foot pain without having to leave home

  • Massage exercises. You should be sitting comfortably and place a water bottle, tennis ball, or even a rolling pin on the floor. Then, slowly you will have to rotate the sole of the foot on the object and make it roll from your toes to the heel and so on for one minute. If you have pain in both feet you will need to perform this exercise on both feet.
  • Ice massage. If you have a swollen foot, you can do this exercise with a bottle of frozen water to feel more relief. To feel an improvement in the inflammation of the feet, it is best to roll the bottle of frozen water for 10 minutes at the end of the day.
  • With stones. This exercise is simple and will help you feel relief from the pain in your feet. You must place an empty glass in front of your feet and about 15 rounded beach stones scattered around but within reach of your feet. The exercise consists of using the toes to pick up the stones and put them in the empty glass. You will have to do this exercise with both feet three times a week. This way you will have stronger feet and they will hurt less.
  • Stretch your feet. You must stand up with your feet together and with your toes and toes supported, you must raise and lower your heels. You can support yourself by holding onto the wall or a railing. You must do the exercise slowly at least ten times. You can also walk on your toes around the house to strengthen your feet and heels.


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