Do feet reflect personality?


It seems that we have already convinced ourselves that we need to pay more attention to the care of our feet, not only to have beautiful feet, but also to have healthy feet. Now that we can take a closer look at our well-groomed feet, we’re wondering to what extent our feet reflect our personality.

Your personality according to the type of foot

  • They say that the shape of the foot reflects a person’s personality. As it is not a matter scientifically proven, we have analyzed the different types of foot and the personality characteristics with which they correspond. Read carefully, observe your feet and discover what is true in this relationship between feet and personality.
  • Square foot. In this type of square foot, the length of the fingers is similar, none stands out more than the other. It seems that the square foot corresponds to an analytical and reflective personality, who thinks before acting and who needs a certain security. These are independent people who are not easily influenced by others.
  • Sharp foot Also called ‘Egyptian foot’, this foot has an elongated shape and it is the big toe that stands out in length. It corresponds to a dreamy personality with a tendency to fantasy and to avoid reality. Emotional stability is not exactly what these sharp-footed people who live subject to great emotional ups and downs master.
  • Greek foot. This foot is in the shape of a triangle and the second toe is the longest. The personality that is associated with this type of foot is a very active and dynamic personality. Generally, these are people who love sports with a constant need for physical activity or to be in constant movement, so stress is also an inevitable part of their lives.
  • Roman foot. This type of foot presents a harmonic line in the length of its fingers, which goes from more to less respecting the balance. It corresponds to a curious, adventurous and intellectually restless personality of people who are always willing to learn and experience new things. They are also people with great self-confidence, although sometimes they can be too proud.


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