Cold feet: what to do to regulate the temperature


If you are one of those who have cold feet even in summer, you will know how annoying this problem is. Cold feet generate a lot of misunderstanding as well as the occasional problem in the couple, so it wouldn’t hurt us to discover the secret to regulating body temperature and stop suffering from cold feet.

Tips to stop having cold feet

  • Before giving any advice for cold feet, we should make sure that it is not a health problem. Although in most cases cold feet are the product of poor circulation, in some cases it may be due to thyroid problems, anemia or some nerve clamping. That is why it is convenient to go to the doctor and rule out any disease.
  • Once we have made sure that our cold feet come standard with us, it is time to look for the best remedies to regulate the temperature. How is it achieved? Well, the main advice and the most basic is to shelter your feet. It may be summer and you love wearing sandals, but you may have noticed that as soon as you enter a venue, the air conditioning makes your feet freeze in a matter of seconds.
  • One of the secrets to stop having cold feet is to keep your head warm as well. It seems that it has nothing to do with it, but the truth is that if the head is not cold, it is much less difficult for the body for the blood to circulate correctly to the extremities. So in winter, a good wool hat is more effective than thick socks.

Therapies for cold feet

  • Since the problem of cold feet is actually a blood circulation problem, it is important to be in motion to ward off that feeling of cold feet. Shoes that are too tight can also cause your feet to get cold, so choose comfortable, closed-toe shoes. But what can help us the most to regulate the temperature of the feet are massages.
  • Another of the most effective remedies for cold feet is hydrotherapy, very easy to do at home. It consists of putting the feet in a container with hot water to alternate it with another of cold water. It is true that putting your feet in cold water is not very attractive, but the effects are immediately noticeable and the result is warm and rested feet.
  • There is no shortage of those who opt for other therapies that require a professional, such as reflexology or acupuncture. And we can also turn to nature in search of the healthiest remedies to forget about cold feet. Phytotherapy recommends ginger and cinnamon as plants that reactivate circulation and regulate temperature.


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