Burning in the sole of the foot: the causes of this discomfort


Burning sensations in the feet can be caused by damage to the nerves in the legs, also known as neuropathy. Although many medical conditions can also cause burning feet such as diabetes. Most burning foot treatments focus on preventing nerve damage and reducing pain. Foot care is essential to maintain your health.

What does burning in the sole of the foot mean?

  • Very often neuropathy is the cause of burning feet. Damaged nerve fibers are more likely to be overactive and cause pain. The damaged nerves send pain signals to the brain even though there is no wound or injury to show that the foot is injured.
  • Most people who suffer from burning feet usually happen because the nerves in the legs are damaged. In addition to burning, there is also tingling and numbness in the feet. Many people complain that their feet feel too sensitive to touch and this will cause them to feel more or less of a burning sensation, as the level can range from mild to totally disabling.
  • Diabetes and alcohol abuse are the most common causes of burning feet. Although there are many other causes that can also cause a burning sensation in the feet, such as: chronic kidney disease, vitamin B12 or B6 deficiency, low thyroid levels, HIV, side effects of medications, edema or fluid retention, hypertension, infections, fungus or foot inflammation, among other things.
  • When you feel burning in your feet, in addition to tingling, you may also feel redness, swelling, increased sweating, pain, or a burning sensation. If in addition to these symptoms you have additional ones, then you will need to see your doctor quickly in case you have a more serious condition. So your doctor can assess the severity, the diagnosis and think about the most appropriate treatment in your case.


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