Brittle Toenails: Pedicure Solutions


Sometimes we are responsible for the poor condition of our feet since we do not provide them with the care they need. But other times foot problems arise for other reasons that we cannot control or prevent. The causes of brittle toenails can be various, but they can also find a solution.

How to fix brittle toenails

  • As with the feet, the toenails face a multitude of ailments that make our day-to-day life quite complicated. Toenails can easily suffer from fungal infections, blows or continuous rubbing from very tight shoes. However, one day you realize that you have brittle toenails may also be for a health reason.
  • If we can deal with other foot problems with certain home remedies, in the case of brittle nails it is best to go to the doctor first, since the cause may be a lack of some vitamin, iron or calcium or also some more serious pathology. Once any medical problem has been ruled out, we can take care of brittle nails ourselves.
  • The problems of brittle toenails can be solved more easily through hydration. The nails also need their moisturizer, the same as the feet, the rest of the body and the face. A nail strengthener is recommended if we want to recover the smooth and uniform appearance of our nails as soon as possible. And the best home remedy for this problem is to rub your nails every day with a little olive oil.


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