5 practical tips for foot care


You may think that the only way to take care of your feet is to buy expensive products in the store and apply them every day in a very controlled way. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In order to have healthy feet, the most important thing is to know some practical tips that will help you keep them healthy and beautiful. Do you want to know some of these tips for the care of your feet?

Practical tips for foot care

  1. Feet that sweat too much. Feet that sweat too much are common and must be treated to avoid discomfort when putting on shoes and also to avoid bad odors. So that you can avoid bad foot odor and that your feet sweat more than necessary, you can follow some tips: change your socks several times a day, use talcum powder on your feet and shoes to absorb odor and sweat, wear suitable shoes so that the feet can perspire
  2. Avoid foot fungus. Foot fungus is a very annoying infection that can be perfectly avoided. So that you do not have to suffer from the itching and discomfort of foot fungus, you should have breathable footwear, be careful and wear flip-flops in public places such as swimming pools, do not share shoes, prevent your feet from sweating too much –see point 1-, have good foot hygiene, etc.
  3. Shoe scuffs. When chafing from shoes appears on the feet, it tends to hurt and bother a lot, so the best way to avoid suffering from it is to prevent it from appearing. Choose a suitable shoe for you, spread a little moisturizing cream in the most critical areas of the shoe so that it softens and it is more difficult for you to get a scratch or change shoes at the first discomfort.
  4. Nail care. The nails must also be well cared for and for this you must be careful not to have ingrown toenails -cutting them well- and not to have nail fungus. In the event that you get nail fungus, you should follow the treatment that the doctor tells you according to the severity.
  5. Do foot exercise. The feet, in order for them to be active, must be in shape and the only way to achieve this is by doing foot exercises. One way to do it is by walking, it’s that easy! But you can also do cycling at home or specific exercises to keep your feet in good shape and keep circulation flowing.


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