5 causes of nails in the feet


It is not natural for nails or calluses to appear on the feet and if they appear it is because something is not quite right or there is something in your life that you should start thinking about in order to change it. When you know the causes of nails coming out of your feet, you will be able to find the most appropriate solutions for you and for your feet to return to what they were. So you can take care of them and that they are always precious.

Possible causes of nails in the feet

  • Inadequate footwear. If you are a person who does not take into account the type of footwear you wear and who does not mind if it tightens you a little in order to look pretty, then it is possible that when you get nails or calluses on your feet you regret not having used appropriate footwear for your feet.
  • Foot malformations. Perhaps you have a malformation in your feet from birth or that your foot has been left with some type of atrophy due to something that has happened to you and that causes this problem. This can also cause nails in the feet.
  • Exercise. Exercise can cause foot irritation, repeated friction on the skin, and this can cause nails. To avoid them, you will need to wear suitable footwear whenever you go to play sports.
  • Bad postures Poor walking postures can also influence the appearance of nails and hardness in the feet. For this you will have to correct the posture until you can walk correctly.
  • Foot pressure. Pressure on the feet can also cause calluses, calluses, and nails to develop. In addition to being the wrong shoe, as you have seen in the first point, if your feet are too tight due to wearing inappropriate shoes, you will also suffer pain that will prevent you from walking correctly.


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